Why A 9-5 will help your online business

recently i decided to bite the bullet and get a qoute on qoute ”Real Job” the biggest reason was is that my sales were absolutely random and had no constant pattern id literally make a $1000 one month than $40 bucks than $200 so i couldn’t really rely on it however a job you will know roughly how much yall make every week since you roughly will always have the same hours except on some occasions ! Having a bigger income from a 9-5 will really help you in the long run since it could help pay for websites , ads and well any fees you will see while you’re starting up your business as well you will have a nice career path you can possibly follow til your business is blooming and booming which could take a minute! One of the biggest issues i had with my online business is i felt it wasn’t growing fast enough which is normally the case since it takes time for your seo to kick in and for the crawlers to to index your content !


If you’re just waiting on sales it can be stressful especially when you need money now and thats the beauty of a job you can get that quick cash than go home check your phone and receive your bonuses whenever you make a sale with your affiliate site ! Those affiliate sales may not be enough to allow you to afford what you need however your full time job will give you plenty of money and that affiliate sale could be money you either just save or maybe you use your affiliate money reward yourself with something nice!! passive money is great however passive money in the beginning isn’t going to be enough to survive put money in your wallet as you build your business even if inside you would rather work for yourself set that as your goal and funnel your money into your business to grow it faster !

Plants need water to grow and so do businesses !

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Never Rely ON One Income Source !


Once A Stream Stops Your Income is gone imagine one day you go to work your manager and he tells you to come in his office than fires you without even changing his facial expression ! Thats the reality of the world we live in losing jobs isn’t unlikely places fire and hire almost monthly so assuming your job is a hundred percent always going to have your back is just mind blowingly stupid ! recently i got a new job making ten dollars a hour working in a kitchen !


all is somewhat great however this is my first cooking job i literally have worked every position in the food industry except this one and who knows if i can get good at my job before they end up canning my ass!  however i have seen my sales on ebay, playasia and j list continue to  go up so as i’m working my job my affiliate sales are still coming in and im still posting content when im off work since really i work in a high speed environment so i can’t focus on marketing at work however when i get off i take a nice nap and than post some content !

The reason i continue to focus on more than one income is that i don’t want to crash and burn ! If i put all my eggs in one basket and someone decides to just stomp on my basket than im absolutely screwed ! So yeah having a couple back up streams is essential ! Do you want a to be fired and absolutely screwed with no income or would you rather just be fired go home than work on your own side business or other part time job! Now lets say my job decides to keep me around for a while thats great ill still be making tons of money from my 9 to 5 and will still see passive income from the affiliate links on my blog, youtube, facebook, instagrams and twitters! So even if you think yall be at your job for a while its smart to at least have a side hustle of some sort because you can never have a enough money !  speaking off affiliate marketing feel free to check out my gaming page where i sell tons of video games and accessories all links are affiliate links so any support will be great!

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So whats your opinion do you think its better to have one income or many alternatives ?





Sorry For The Long Break


i recently took a long break from wordpress for many reasons mostly being that my blogs weren’t making me money and all the money i was earning was from my twitter and facebook pages set up to make money from affiliate marketing ! However i guess its good to practice writing and at least be constant on this platform since i am of course a guess one might a say a ”blogger” but the reality is that sometimes blogging writing and posting video content can get a bit tedious especially when you see it giving little to no gains ! So yes sometimes its just nice to walk out play your dog , pick some blackberries and maybe even rob a couple houses just kidding about the last part!

However i guess i’ll just to post some new content and come up with some new discussions however i don’t want to write boring product reviews all day which was the direction my page was going so yeah i honestly am taking a little time away from blogging to work more on my affiliate marketing journey on other platforms such as instagram , facebook , twitter and well youtube ! So yeah juggling 8 twitters and couple facebook pages a couple of instagram pages , while making youtube videos and than worrying about wordpress blog is too much on my fragile mind! But hey i will tackle some new topics this following week! but yeah thanks for following the blog and enjoy the pic of me and my dog !



I May Give Up Affiliate Marketing

Lately ive seen a decrease in sells and i haven’t made a sell in roughly a month meanwhile ive been shelling out hours upon hours building backlinks, working on seo and pinning my pages on pinterest !! making new facebook pages, posting youtube videos  and well doing everything possible to get my links out it just seems like nothing i do seems to work i don’t make any sales and just blind myself looking at my bright computer thinking wow is this really better than a 9 to 5 at least i would get paid for my hardwork !! i’m glad ive made money off helping my grandfather with his landscaping business but at the same time it bothers me my business isn’t taking off yet !!

like during dec i made 800 dollars than went down and down most of this i can blame on the fact that dec is one of the best months for marketers however doesn’t mean i shouldn’t be pulling more money since i gaining more followers and getting more seo juice!! i just personally don’t know what i’m doing anymore i don’t see any sign of life from my pages especially on twitter just seems lately that twitter is nerfing my pages and engagement is awful !! However ive switched to instagram to market seems better for engagement but i’m not really seeing any sales!!

Like i recently bit the bullet and applied for a job at a gas station maybe i’m not meant to be a successful affiliate marketer last month i only made 80 dollars i mean yes thats a nice bonus for my pockets but what can you do with 80 bucks can you pay for a car loan , pay rent at most you might be able to pay your cell phone bill with that !! thats it like i’m going to start working on graphic design again and just worrying about affiliate marketing on the side !! just doesn’t seem like i’m making progress anymore!! I may just need to change up my niche or method however i’m just beginning to feel burned out also feeling like everyone around me can see me failing and all i really wanted was to be successful !! Photo on 2018-06-10 at 00.22 #2